Frag Forest, the Arena Platform Shooter

Posted on September 29, 2018 by the_hack


Frag Forest, the 2d 1v1 (pvp…  duel… ) translation of quake and UT, is in Final Pre-alpha.

We’ve got something playable, enjoyable and solid for what it is, and we’re drawing a line in the sand.

You can download and play it, however you will need to connect to another player with the game manually. Whoever is hosting the game will need to port forward 7777 in their router, then start the map. Once a game starts, it keeps score, but it never ends, so it’s really just to experience the core of the gameplay.

The Alpha release will feature third party servers, server lists and steam integration, as well as a propper 1v1 game mode, and maybe more.

Please join us in discord if you’re keen to offer feedback, get involed in further testing, or just like what you see.

Download Frag Forest final pre-alpha (0.05) for Windows.


Who are we? We are one connoisseur of all things ArenaFPS duel, and one AFPS fan and experience designer, both based in Australia.

You may have played other 2d platform shooters before, but this one is different. Movement and shooting is fun and easy to get a grasp of, with plenty of ceiling to explore. The meta is AFPS duel refined to it’s most basic essence:


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