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Working title Glitch AFPS, this is a minimal, eclectic take on the arena shooter genre, developed by Shock and Rockets Games (ok it’s just one guy and another guy helping with gameplay design and there is no actual business so there you go).

In imagining this game, I started thinking about what could be left out of an arena first person shooter, and how awesome could what remained be?

Current state? You can download and run around but networking is currently broken. You can join the Patreon for shock and rockets games, and shortly you will also be able to help out in another way. What will that get you? Just a game to kick around in.

Another attempt at an AFPS? Stay with me, there are some different things happening here. I’m an Unreal Tournament fan, and Glitch has a lot of influence from there, but I also appreciate the simplicity and fluidity of the quake arena shooters. Let’s go through how and why Glitch will differ.

Regarding the clips below, keep in mind everything is placeholder. It will be a public, agile development process (as soon as networking works).

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The dodge.
If that’s what it is. From walk speed or under, get an immediate speed boost corresponding to how fast your mouse is travelling on X, and where it is pointing when you hit jump.

Combining high jump and dodge

It is activated with a mouse flick on jumping, rather than a dodge button or double tap. Yes this dodge de-emphasised compared to UT, but it’s there and will make the game more flighty than if it wasn’t.

Strafe jumping
is in (or whatever you call it). It’s not the same as quake (it’s not built into the engine), but you can do things to go fast. Base walk speed is not fast, but directional keys are responsive, and you can quickly get moving at 1300+ and potentially cruise around at 2000+ if you don’t headbutt a wall. Hold jump for continual jumping.

Crouch is out
Footsteps are also out (just the sound, you can still walk). You can hear people jumping all over the place after all.

High jump
Double jumps are a favourite feature of older UTs, but honestly they are a bit on the silly side. In glitch, you can jump higher by angling your view higher. Look straight up and you get about 50% more height. Not silly at all.

Air control
It’s medium-high.

Double jump
(Not to be confused with pressing jump twice as in UT.) Jump (from ramp or step) immediately after a previous jump for extra height. Can combine with high jump for lots of Z. You can chain them.

And on a ramp, with a neat dodge before:

Free Rocket Jumping
Because it’s fun, and fun rules all other considerations. Well you still pay with ammo. And the impulse is a bit small vertically (unless combined with a high jump).



Rocket Launcher
It’s a little on the slow side for now. It’s meant to be the a mid-close range weapon, with some long range prediction usefulness. Refire is a little faster than other games.

When you shoot a rocket, you get a preview of the damage radius, which is also the potential combo radius.

What it sounds like. 50 damage only – hitscan is slightly de-emphsised in this game.

The mid-range, DPS finishing weapon. It’s faster than other pulses. It can also take your ammo into the negative, so you can use it any time, but you’ll have to pick up more ammo before using other weapons again. It’s also the starting weapon. (as seen in other screenshots as default weapon).

(Yes those are all the same models with different materials. They are very unspecial temporary models I made in BSP and converted to a mesh. This is how the game is getting made. They will not be ugly. ). Weapons hidden is already supported.

And the combo
It’s not a separate weapon, but an ability unlocked when you have rockets and rails. Rail a rocket and boom.

Thinking about an LG style weapon that is higher damage and closer range, but we want to see how the above plays first.

That’s all folks. This small arsenal will be tweaked to perfection.

Health, Ammo, Armour

In the same ballpark of other games.

You start with 100hp, 0 armor and 100 ammo. Health can be picked up in single 25s. It can also be stacked with 5hp ‘vials’ (a la UT). There is a mega pickup, which sets health at 200, which ticks down to 100.

There is a 100a and 50a, as well as 5a shards. You can stack it to 200, and it’s a flat 75% absorption.

There is only one type of ammo that works for all weapons. You pick it up 30 at a time, and stack to 200. Rockets and rails both use 5, pulse uses 2.

The respawn times are a bit up in the air but it is comparable to other afps games.


We’ve got loads of it. Influenced by blockout, tron, and the apple II.

blockout, from here

Why does it look like it does?

It’s dark. People play at night while their partners are sleeping. They have the lights low. This should be comfortable after hours (I’m looking at a way of inverting the tone with an option).

The gameplay items are bright while the level is dark. This is to make the game and gameplay elements obvious.

It’s unlit. This is different from being dark – lighting has actually been turned off at the engine level. This makes it run better, and keep the file sizes low (it’s not prince-of-persia low at the moment, but eventually I hope. It’s a UE4 game after all).

For the level, the edges are important. The grid is only there so you don’t get lost in blackness when there are no edges on the screen.

The video the clips above come from.


I want this to happen. How can I help?
For now, become a Patreon. Or, if you prefer a one time donation, get in touch with me at (also my paypal email if you just want to throw it in).

Can I make maps for glitch?
Yes. I will try to make it work with steam workshop or similar, and provide a level editor based on the unreal editor.

How will the networking work?
During alpha stage, it will be server-client nat punching through steam. I am toying with the idea of introducing equivalent lag for the server player to remove advantage. However the networking is currently broken and needs $$$ to fix.

How will this be sold, how much will it cost?
The game will be out on a monthly subscription. Only joking. It will probably be around $10 which will finance a second, grander one. Anyone who supports in the meantime will of course get the game forever and even their name in the credits or buried in a map or something cool as such.

Why is this game so good?
Because I have the help of JJ (Joel, or skar in ut99). He’s brain deep in AFPS.

The characters are balls. Did you copy diabotical?
This is pure incidence. Other games have also used balls for characters. We will not be going overboard with decorating our balls and will keep them minimal. Unlike diabotical, the hitbox for the characters are also perfect spheres, making it 1:1 with the visuals. I know you are all going to get and play diabotical (so will I) and I think that is going to be an awesome game (I also have a map in the works for it). I just want to try something a little it different here.

Are you an old school AFPS player? What is your qualification?
Lucky for you I’m fresh as can be. I played enjoyed Quake single player but have not been playing online until recent years in UT4. I am not invested in any particular style or ability because my super pro gaming career doesn’t rely on any of it. People tend to like this or make that because they need these things because that’s what they’re good at. I’m looking at the genre more like a noob. This will be different.


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