Glitch Arena April 2019 update

Posted on April 22, 2019 by the_hack


Development of Glitch is progressing nicely, with the WIP in a stable playable state, somewhat feature-less albeit.

Initial reports from players having games or just running around the maps have been positive (“smooth,” “feels good,” “is fun”).

Recent additions were hitmarkers, item timers (which you would be able enable in a casual) and a working LG, which you can see in the video below.

I’m planning to add two team modes, classic TDM and CTF (or similar) in the next two weeks, as well as brush up existing weapons, movement and maps, and add in-game chat, for a pre-alpha release. It won’t contain any bells and whistles such as invites, leaderboards and so on, but will just present the basics in their best possible form to demonstrate the concept. Hopefully it will drum up enough interest to continue development with more maps, social features, gamemodes, dedicated servers and all the things a real game needs.


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