Glitch Arena Update #2

Posted on August 18, 2019 by the_hack


This week a lot of progress was made in glitching (movement), slightly buffing it and making it feel more natural. Base walk speed was slightly nerfed, which is offset by the easier glitching and also a larger dodge.

A major change to the meta gamer is armor absorption coming down from 75% to 66%. It doesn’t sound like a huge difference but it should make duels play a little differently.

Rocket rate of fire is now slower, going from 0.6 to 0.8. The rocket damage radius is also smaller. We’re playing with a stronger impulse tho. The impulse radius is probably a little large and needs tweaking.

LG is now shorter and stronger, moving to a hard cutoff model. This is to solidify its use in it’s intended range. A fog appears past the cutoff point, if firing and not hitting anything within the range. The range covers closer to mid, and it does full damage in this range. The LG ramp up is also faster so the weapon should be more useful in this range.

Combos can be performed a little faster/closer, but rail refire time is down from 1.4 to 1.7.

There are a lot of new maps popping up in the duel list. The Caves and Scruffy are ready for playtesting. The smaller ones are available inHoonymode.

The featured image is from the duel map The Dig which is polishing up nicely.

Warmup mode now has free ammo and health. This is more for future bunny track style maps. Just play a warmup game if you need to get your frag on!

Modifier keys for saving and loading checkpoints can now be set in settings.

Check out these updates in the video below.

Big thanks to discord members @dog and @simlecythe and @gelmosan for their testing and feedback!


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