Shock & Rockets Hub is Now Live

Introducing a new service for Australian UT (UT4) players: the Shock & Rockets server.

This server will be focused on bringing fun and creative new content to you, and improving the overall UT experience.

It will do that like this:

Custom maps – the good ones. We’ve already added some classics and great WIPs from top authors

Mutators – the fun ones. Currently GoodDM and GoodTDM are loaded with

  • the experimental “Sacrifice” which subtracts a point for each death. this is a WIP and you’re welcome to leave feedback here.
  • the Add Impact Hammer which makes DM more fun again. Go for that shield on NickTest from the side dudes.

Improved game presets such as GoodDM and GoodTDM with eliminated wait times. More coming.

Currently the server is limited to a certain amount of players and 3 game instances. Please donate to hub admin the_hack (Ali Dark) to get some nice server upgrades. All donations will be credited and if there’s more than needed, I’ll remove the link for a bit.

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