State of the Glitch – Movement overhaul

Posted on August 11, 2019 by the_hack


Welcome to another Glitch Arena update. In addition to micro updates on discord, we are collecting things in weeklyish posts that will go into changes and the design decisions behind them in more depth.


In the last update, we talked about a new visual direction – playing with low res textures. The more we play the more we like this, and although it means a bit more work, and potentially uglier maps until the work is done, we think it’s going to be fun. This is my first time to work with textures like this so please bear with me. Some maps are still rocking the old more synthwave style, and are being updated one at a time.

Currently the textures are borrowed from Quake 1, however the idea is to replace with homemade ones map by map.

The intended visual theme is gothic retro-futurism, or Quake 1 meets bladerunner.

Now that the key duel maps (Trikuti, RebornSun, Spire and Lathe) are in good places, we are experimenting with different styles and scale of map.

Trikuti with new textures

New maps in the works are DM-Steve and DM-Rusty. There are a couple more. The important thing to remember is that all of them are in a state of flux and will change. Feedback is most welcome. We are looking to hear which parts of the maps are the most fun and which parts don’t work. We really rely on input so don’t hold back.

Rusty is enclosed in a large brush which should make spectating from the sides fun


Levels is more for duel while Steve is more for hoony. Some maps for these two game types are interchangeable, seeing as these modes are both 1v1.



integrating glitching and the flick, and changes to the way directional input affects in glitching.

Single tap dodge has had a pass, and double tap dodge has been added. The double tap dodge is set to 0.24s, which gives enough time to perform it without mashing the single direction key. If you don’t want to mash any keys, the double tap dodge is exactly the same impulse as the dodge button. You can use either, none, or both.

Flick is now less of an impulse, but kick starts your glitching. This can be seen via the glitch meter at bottom left of hud, and also heard via the engine synth sound. In practice, this makes the flick less of a thing, and more a concern when you want to get kick start a chain of actions on a route. Thanks to “dog” for this idea, it’s really improved the movement.

Some other small movement variables have been tweaked, and movement should now feel a bit snappier especially on landing or stopping.


Gameplay things

I am still trying to sort out the best way for players to join a game and move to a new game (currently it should force new players to be specs at first). Ideally it would force joining players to spawn as a player if there are spots available, and a spectator if not. And if a player is a spectator in one game, they should be spawned as one in the next. It’s not as easy to test these things as others as they don’t work in the game editor and need real-world testing.

Tooltops around Rusty, with movement hints.

I’m adding tooltips to the more finished maps. These tooltips are visible via warmup and will explain some movement options or other relevant things. They are not visible outside a certain radius of their location.

The hud now includes a keypress indicator and also a mouse direction indicator. The mouse thing shows the direction and speed of your mouse, and rests in the centre when not being moved. The mouse thing is not totally smooth, don’t worry, it’s not your mouse or the game, it’s just something about how the hud widget is put together. Works though.

The mouse thing looks a bit different now.


Hoonymode gets a round-based spawn system, whereby each round has a pair of spawns. These could be positioned across a map to create various predefined situations, as oppoesd to duel where the spawns are somewhat random (but shouldnt place you too close on respawn).

The map DM-Primative tests a smash bros like concept where you knock your opponent off the map using rockets or shotty. Need lots of testing and iteration!

DM-Primative, or one third of. I realise now that I have spelt primative wrongly but it’s too late now as I have referenced the name all over the game 🙁

Engine Things

I was playing with dynamic lighting with items as the source, which was nice as the light was able to be altered when an item was picked up, offering a nice degree of feedback. The performance impact was a bit high though, especially with nice shadows. I think we will be able to achieve nice lighting with static lights, that still originate with the pickups, but don’t change. This will also even the playing field for players on lighting various settings. This will probably change but well be trying this more traditional approach to lighting for a while.


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